Get to know the layout of buildings

Anyone entering a university building should consult the floor plans and locate the safety facilities.

Knowledge of the main safety signs in each room is necessary in order to fully understand these floor plans.


Emergency signs - Exits and emergency medical equipment

Percorso di emergenza

Percorso di emergenza

Percorso di emergenza

Uscita di emergenza


Kit pronto soccorso


Punto di raccolta

(Emergency escape route (x3), Emergency exit, Defibrillator, First aid kit, Stretcher, Assembly point)


Emergency signs - Fire-fighting


Lancia antincendio

Interruttore elettrico generale

Telefono di emergenza

(Fire extinguisher, Fire hose, Main circuit breaker, Emergency telephone)


Prohibition signs

Vietato fumare

Vietato usare fiamme libere

Accesso vietato ai pedoni

Divieto di accesso ai non autorizzati

(No smoking, Naked flames forbidden, No access for pedestrians, No unauthorised access)