Workers at PoliTO

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08, the people in the categories listed below are all considered to be Workers at PoliTO:

  • teaching, research, technical and administrative staff employed by PoliTO;
  • research fellows;
  • undergraduates and graduate students, PhD students, grant holders, attending teaching or research laboratories who, in view of the specific activity being carried out, are exposed to risks;
  • workers who are not permanent members of staff but who work at PoliTO on the basis of specific, regular contracts (e.g., workers with a contract for continual and coordinated services, interns);
  • staff from other public or private undertakings (e.g., C.N.R., I.N.F.N.), working on university premises under specific agreements and arrangements;
  • students, limited to the period during which they are working in research or service teaching laboratories.

For basic general information on aspects of occupational health and safety at PoliTO, please visit the Information and FAQ pages.