What are the competences of the Health and Safety Services Unit?

The Health and Safety Services Unit is responsible for identifying and assessing risk factors and preparing the related technical and risk assessment reports. It provides support in the preparation of design guidelines for bringing workplaces up to standard and in monitoring environments and/or areas subject to site rehabilitation. It verifies health conditions at workplaces by regularly monitoring these and updating technical documentation and defines preventive and protective measures and procedures for specific work activities.


How is training on workers’ safety managed?

The Health and Safety Services Unit manages the provision of information to workers (art. 36 of Legislative Decree 81/08, as amended), implements workers’ training programmes (art. 37 of Decree 81/08, as amended) and monitors the training of workers assigned to specific duties (emergency teams, users of work equipment for which specific training is required, etc.).


What action is taken to ensure the efficient management of emergencies at the university?

The Health and Safety Services Unit draws up emergency and evacuation plans, organises the work of the emergency teams and manages evacuation drills. It works with Edilog to develop, install and manage evacuation and emergency signs.


If there is an emergency, who should I report it to and who will activate the procedures?

Emergencies are coordinated by reception desk staff at each campus. They will activate the appropriate procedure, according to the circumstances (accident, fire, evacuation, etc.). In an emergency, you should immediately contact the reception desk/logistics staff at the building you are in.


What should I do if I hear an alarm message over the loudspeaker system?

If you hear an alarm message, make your workstation and any equipment you are using safe, close the windows and leave the room as quickly as you can, closing the door behind you but without locking it. Follow the escape routes. Do not use the lifts.


Are there any specific procedures for gaining access to a laboratory?

The procedures for gaining access to laboratories are managed by the Department/Area/Service of which the laboratory is part. In any case, the laboratory manager will decide what training is required in order to use the equipment in the laboratory.


What does the company occupational physician do?

The company occupational physician is concerned with occupational medicine. Company occupational physicians do not prescribe treatment, medicines or hospitalisation under the national health service.


What does the nursing services unit do?

The nursing services unit is concerned with occupational medicine. Nurses are not authorised to provide services such as the removal of stitches, wound medication or vaccination.


What is the health protocol defined by the company occupational physician?

A health surveillance protocol includes the set of medical examinations, specialist and laboratory tests, health information and measures taken by the physician to ensure the protection of workers’ health in respect of the risks to which they are exposed at work.


What is the relevance for workers of the fitness assessment?

The company occupational physician gives an assessment of whether the worker is fit to perform the specific job, based on the outcome of the medical examinations pursuant to art. 41(2) of Legislative Decree 81/08, as amended. The worker may be deemed fit, fit with limitations, partially fit and temporarily or permanently fit to perform the job.


How can I ask the company occupational physician for an additional health check?

Workers may ask the company occupational physician for an additional health check by sending an e-mail to infermeria@polito.it, with a copy to servizio.prevenzione@polito.it.