Accidents and Near Misses


Employees and students at PoliTO are insured against accidents, including commuting accidents, that is, accidents that occur between the journey from home to the workplace/place of study and vice versa.

Even accidents with a recovery time of just one day must be reported.



A near miss is a work-related event that did not result in injury or illness, but had the potential to do so.

Near misses include accidents not involving people, and minor injuries that do not result in days off work, apart from the actual day of the event.

All near misses must be reported to the Health and Safety Services Unit as it is important to investigate the root cause that resulted in the circumstances that led to the near miss (dangerous behaviour, non-compliance with instructions and/or work procedures, structural, organisational and/or technical shortcomings), in order to identify the corrective action that must be taken to prevent further potentially harmful events.