About Us - The Health and Safety Services Unit

The Health and Safety Services Unit manages the identification of hazard factors and the associated risk assessment and management, identifying the measures to ensure safety and health conditions in the workplace.

In particular, the main activities of the Health and Safety Services Unit relate to the following areas:



  • Identification and assessment of hazard factors and draw up the corresponding technical and risk assessment documents
  • Support the drawing up of guidelines to design actions to make safe the workplace
  • Control of areas subject to environmental remediation and monitor of the health conditions in the workplace through the recognition of the places and the continuous updating of technical documentation
  • Draw up of specific preventive and protective measures and safety procedures for different work activities



  • Draw up the evacuation and emergency plans
  • Technical preparation, installation and subsequent management of the evacuation and emergency signs
  • Support the organization and management of the evacuation tests and manage of the Emergency Staff and automated external defibrillators (AED)
  • Support the drawing up of the document for the Assessment of the interferential risks during the construction and maintenance work in the premises of the Politecnico (DUVRI in Italian Laws)
  • Support the organization and management steps of safety aspects related to institutional Events of the Politecnico (graduations, demonstrations, etc.)



  • Management of the form for the identification of occupational risks
  • Organization and implementation of database of the medical surveillance
  • Storage of the documents regarding the employment medical assessments (the Employer’s copy)
  • Management of the compulsory communications and protocols
  • Support the preparation of the “Safety Attachments” added in the partnership agreements signed by the Politecnico
  • Management of the workers’ information on occupational safety and health matters
  • Management of the workers’ training programs
  • Management of the training programs of workers engaged in special tasks (emergency teams, local safety members, use of work equipment)
  • Control of process the workers’ of the medical surveillance



  • Support the Medical Doctor activities, the first aid interventions and support to the assessment of the periodical employment medical surveillance

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