Information with regard to aspects concerning occupational health and safety

Brief description of PoliTO

Politecnico di Torino (PoliTO) is a public university. The main campuses are:








Activities undertaken at PoliTO

Different employees carry out different activities at PoliTO. These activities can be summarised as follows:

  • Teaching: teaching activities carried out by teaching staff in classrooms at PoliTO;
  • Experiments in teaching methodology: experimental tests related to the subjects taught, performed by teaching and technical staff in specially equipped teaching laboratories;
  • Experiments for scientific research: the study, design, implementation and management of processes, plant and machinery, which may also be custom-built for research purposes, with the aim of studying physical and chemical phenomena or characterising materials or devices. These activities may be carried out by teaching, research or technical staff, research fellows, PhD students, collaborators, undergraduates and graduate students at Departmental and Inter-departmental Laboratories;
  • Experiments commissioned by third parties: studies, tests and characterisation carried out at Departmental and Inter-departmental Laboratories on externally-sourced materials or at off-campus sites, using equipment and machinery owned by PoliTO, by teaching, research or technical staff;
  • Administrative work: activities involving the use of display screen equipment carried out at Administrative or Departmental offices;
  • Logistics: provided by technical and administrative staff at all PoliTO sites and consisting in the management of activities related to the ordinary functioning of the university’s various facilities, including the management of access points, cleaning, mail services, events, etc.;
  • Technical support: management, operation and servicing of equipment (including IT equipment), technical and network systems, test equipment, buildings.


Health and Safety organisation chart

The organisation chart showing all the people involved in managing the occupational health and safety system can be consulted on the Organisation chart of the people involved in managing the occupational safety and health system page.


Management of emergencies and accidents

Information about what to do in an emergency or following an accident is provided on the Emergencies and Accidents page.


Have you only just taken up your duties?

If you have only recently been hired, or your work duties have changed, the forms you need to fill in and some additional helpful information can be found on the Workers’ documents page.

Basic information is provided in Occupational health and safety information for workers .


Education and training

For details about the organisation of education and training on aspects of occupational health and safety for workers at PoliTO, reference should be made to the Education and Training page.