Workers’ Documents

Since workers at PoliTO, and researchers in particular, according to their specific areas of research, may be exposed to risks that were not originally envisaged within the departments where they operate, PoliTO conducts an extensive, dynamic survey of the tasks assigned to each single worker.

All members of staff at PoliTO who are classified as workers must fill in the Form for the identification of occupational hazards (SIR in Italian), the purpose of which is to catalogue the tasks assigned to each worker. This form is used to collect some of the information that is needed in order to accurately assess the risks to which each worker is exposed and, on the basis of the Company Occupational Physician’s recommendations, to define and implement the necessary health surveillance measures (art. 41 of Legislative Decree 81/2008).

The Form for the identification of occupational hazards (SIR) can be filled on the Safety Live  platform. 

The Platform User Manual  provides instructions for completing and validating the SIR.


In accordance with the obligation to provide information established by art. 36 of Legislative Decree 81/08, workers must read:

  • the Occupational health and safety information,
  • the procedures to be followed when dealing with Emergencies at PoliTO campuses.


For expectant mothers, pursuant to Legislative Decree 151/01, “Consolidated law on the protection and support of maternity and paternity rights”, the Employer must adopt suitable measures to safeguard the safety and health of workers during pregnancy.


Workers who are to be sent on assignments abroad are advised to read the Procedures for PoliTO workers on assignments abroad (ITA) . This document clarifies practical and documentary aspects of occupational health and safety management.