Authorisation to Laboratories

Art. 18(1)(e) of Legislative Decree 81/08 establishes the requirement for the Employer or the Director to take appropriate steps to ensure that only workers who have been duly instructed and specifically trained may access areas where they would be exposed to a serious and specific risk.

In the case of Laboratories, this means that before new operators, including students, are allowed to enter, they must be adequately informed and receive theoretical and practical training in relation to the activities to be carried out, the risks that are present, correct operating procedures and what to do in an emergency.

This information and training must be provided by the Persons in charge of teaching and research activities, meaning the teachers leading the laboratory research or teaching activity, or by the Laboratory Managers, where appropriate with the support of technical staff for aspects within their competence (general plant, test equipment, common equipment, machine tools, etc.).

Training, which must be provided effectively before the work activity commences, must be formalised and recorded using a specific printed form, showing the exact date and signed by the Manager.

The following forms are available for use, according to the specific circumstances: