Assistance with Design

The assistance with design provided by the Health and Safety Services Unit (PREP) consists in working with the Administrative Technical Structures and the Departments to identify the health and safety requirements that must be met by existing or newly-established working environments.

To do this, the Health and Safety Services Unit must have access to the technical specifications for the room where the activity is carried out and for the activity itself, i.e.:

  • characteristics of the rooms;
  • number of occupants (with information about whether these include students);
  • activities carried on;
  • the plant and equipment used (with details regarding the presence of compressed gases, furnaces, sources of ionising or non-ionising radiation, collective protective equipment, etc.);
  • chemical/carcinogenic/biological substances used.


The module PREP_indicazioni progettuali  (ITA) provides the list of the information necessary to support the design.