Personal Protective Equipments

Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 (art. 74) establishes that “personal protective equipment means any equipment designed to be worn or handled by a worker for protection against one or more health or safety risks, and any other item or accessory designed for that purpose”.

It is important to stress that, in accordance with occupational safety and health laws currently in force in Europe and in Italy, health and safety management must be based on a hierarchy system in which preventive measures are given priority, followed by collective protective measures. Therefore, only after making sure that every possible technical, organisational and administrative measure has been taken to eliminate or mitigate the risk factor, and that all the appropriate collective protective measures have been implemented, should recourse be made to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


The fundamental specifications of all PPEs are based on:

  • safety: effective protection and adequate duration of protection;
  • efficiency and comfort: no additional risks, safety, strength, good wearing comfort, practical and compatible with other protective equipment;
  • information: information on limitations for use, expiry date, instructions for use, correct maintenance and storage, etc.


For further information on:

  • Filter breathing apparatus to protect against the risk of inhaling chemical, carcinogenic or biological agents;
  • Safety gloves for intentional contact with chemical substances, incidental contact with chemical substances, miscellaneous material handling and machining operations, tasks where there is a burning hazard and for handling cryogenic liquids;
  • Goggles/masks/visors to protect the eyes;
  • Safety footwear;
  • Work clothing and overalls to protect the body;

reference should be made to the Chemical laboratory safety guide and to the teaching material used for the Specific Training Course for workers exposed to medium risk .


The Health and Safety Services Unit is available to assist Research Managers in choosing the appropriate PPEs for each different situation.