A worker is a person who, regardless of the employment relationship, works for a public or private employer, with or without remuneration, even for the sole purpose of learning a job, a trade or a profession but excluding domestic servants and those who provide family care.

Workers at PoliTO:

  • Teaching, research, technical and administrative staff
  • Research fellows
  • Undergraduates and graduate students, PhD students, postgraduates, interns, grant holders, attending teaching or research laboratories who, in view of the specific activity being carried out, are exposed to risks
  • Workers who are not permanent members of staff but who work at PoliTO on the basis of specific, regular contracts
  • Staff from other undertakings who work on university premises under specific agreements and arrangements
  • Students at university departments where laboratories, work equipment in general, chemical, physical and biological agents and devices provided with display screen equipment are used, limited to the periods during which the students actually use the instruments or laboratories in question

Workers’ obligations include:

  • Taking care of their own safety and that of the other people in the workplace
  • Observing the rules and following instructions
  • Using machinery, safety devices and work equipment properly
  • Reporting any faulty equipment or devices and any dangerous conditions
  • Not carrying out operations or manoeuvres which do not fall within their competence on their own initiative and not removing or altering any safety, warning or control devices unless duly authorised
  • Undergoing the necessary health checks