Health and Safety Supervisor

The Health and Safety Supervisor, by virtue of his/her professional competence and hierarchical and functional powers in respect of the mandate given, oversees work activities and ensures the correct execution of the instructions received and the performance of work, exercising the right of initiative.

Health and Safety Supervisors at PoliTO are:

  • Administrative Service Managers
  • Laboratory teaching and research managers (RADRL)
  • Persons in charge of classroom teaching activities
  • Other specifically designated professional figures

The Health and Safety Supervisor’s main duties include:

  • Overseeing compliance, by workers, with company rules and regulations and those regarding the use of collective and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Notifying superiors of any instances of non-compliance
  • Ensuring that only workers who have been adequately instructed have access to areas that pose a specific hazard
  • Promptly reporting any faulty work equipment, apparatus or PPE
  • Reporting any dangerous conditions that arise during work